What to Wear for your Engagement Session

We've all been there... Staring blankly into the closet without the slightest idea of what to put on. Pretty soon you've got a pile of clothes four feet high on your bed with several dozen empty hangers on the floor, and the feeling of defeat takes over as you announce to the world, "I have nothing to wear!"

We're confident that with a few simple tips, you can find the perfect wardrobe to rock your engagement session!

First of all, many photographers will include engagement sessions with their wedding packages, so be sure to check and see what your photographer offers. When you do work with your wedding-day photographer, it's a great way to get to know them and their personality from first-hand experience before the big day itself!

That being said, many photographers have their own recommendations for your engagement session, so check in with them to see if they have any tips to add!

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Many couples will wear two outfits: One more formal and one more casual.


  • A collared shirt/suit jacket for the guys and a dress/skirt for the girls.
  • We LOVE a beautiful maxi-dress, but tea length is also great! We generally suggest not going any shorter than mid-thigh to make posing easier and more flattering. 


  • Jeans/slacks and a nice top. 

Some things to avoid: 

  • Large logos or writing
  • White sneakers (dress shoes, sandals & boots are great!)
  • Ball caps (or wearing one prior to the session... hat hair!)
  • Strapless or spaghetti strap tops (as a general rule of thumb, armpits do not photograph well)
  • Dressing too matchey-matchey (everyone remembers the matching polos or the head-to-toe denim from the 90's? Instead think of coordinating colors, but not matching!)

Some things we encourage:

  • Texture! Subtle patterns and layers are great! 
  • Accessorize a little more than you normally would
  • Wear a *little* more makeup than you usually would during the day, including powder or matte foundation
  • Dress in what flatters you! Wear colors that you enjoy, and styles that you feel comfortable in!
  • Consider wearing your dress first (and an undershirt) to make for an easy change into your casual outfit if no changing area is available at your location.
  • Bring along flip flops or something comfortable for walking to the location if you plan to wear heels.


There are MANY beautiful locations to choose from in Southern Idaho. Some may be right out your back door, others may be a short drive away.

Many public places are free to shoot your engagement session, but make sure to always do your research. State parks and other areas may require a permit and fee. Always obtain permission from landowners before entering or crossing private property. Railroad tracks, yards, and equipment are private property and are illegal to trespass on.

Our favorite locations are the less-manicured areas with tall grasses, sagebrush, rocks, and water, but there are also some beautifully landscaped locations in our area available for you to choose from! Ask your photographer for some of their favorite spots!

When to Schedule your Engagements?

Scheduling your engagement session depends on several factors:

  • How long will you be engaged?
  • What is the availability of your photographer?
  • Do you plan to use your images on your invitation or save-the-date? If so,
    • Will the colors you wear and season you photograph in suit the style and feel of your invitation (ie, bright orange fall leaves with your pastel invitation suite)?
    • Schedule your engagement session early enough out to allow time for editing, invitation design, printing, addressing, & mailing of your invitation/save-the-date.

Remember to Have Fun!

With everything wedding related, plan the best you can, but remember that little imperfections are what make life fun! Don't stress about having the perfect camera-ready smile, or if your outfits aren't exactly what you saw on Pinterest, or if it's a little windy during your session (if you're in Idaho, there will be wind... we just embrace it and call it our "modeling wind!")

No matter what, your engagement session will be a fun time with you and your fiancé. With these tips you can be sure to rock it with confidence!

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