Why Every Wedding Should Have a Day-of Coordinator

The decorations need styled, the beverage containers need filled with ice, the tables need set up, the vendors need to know where to go and when to be there... Weddings are hectic! And, no matter how much pre-planning you do as the bride (or the mother of the bride), you simply can't be everywhere at once!

Enter: The Day-of Coordinator.

What do coordinators do?

Coordinators are there to answer questions, give direction, deal with hiccups, work with vendors, make sure everyone's where they're supposed to be, and ultimately see to it that your vision for your wedding day comes to life.

Where do you find a day-of coordinator?

There are many wedding planners that offer coordination as part of their services (check out our vendor directory for local Twin Falls wedding planners!) They are certainly worth their weight in gold! But some of the best day-of coordinators can also be a willing, trusted friend or extended family member.

  • Look for someone that isn't afraid to step in, take charge, and make stuff happen according to your plan.
  • Sit down with your coordinator a couple weeks before the wedding to go over timelines, seating arrangements, bridal party assignments, and any other pertinent information.
  • Follow up with all of your vendors to confirm times and locations, and be sure to share your coordinator's information with them so they know who to call with any questions on the big day.

Having a day-of coordinator will lighten your load, help you avoid stressing the details, and will give you the freedom to enjoy your wedding day!

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